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ID #
Title & description
Household Manager - part time
#867 Household Management - Part-time for Marin couple
Salary Hourly
Relocation No
Accommodations This is not a live-in job.
Location Marin County, CA
Status Filled
Job Summary

HOUSEHOLD MANAGER MARIN COUNTY Lovely busy working couple need someone to work on-site and remotely keeping the house and grounds pristineas well as any needs of the principals met. Excellent package - based on experience. Oversight, supervision and upkeep of the home and the grounds

  • Regularly walk/inspect home & grounds - check up and initiate repairs/replacements as needed
  • Secure plans, locate contractors, obtain bids for owners’ approval & manage desired additions & improvement projects, e.g. building the shed, driveway repair, etc.
  • Schedule and be on site for needed repairs and major cleaning, e.g. windows, cable services, etc.
  • Hire, co-ordinate and supervise service providers, e.g. landscapers, security, cleaners and others if needed. This would include the preparation of task and duty lists.
  • Generally acting as agent of owners in this area, reporting to and receiving instructions from the couple or the Parents each as to their respective shares of the property.
  • Ongoing contract w/ contractors/home repair
{Note: Coordinate with the Missus to assist in supervision of current housekeeper. She might want to maintain direct management herself - TBD.}

Internal household management

  • Cleaning/housekeeping, routine weekly and periodic major deep clean; preparation of a task list so that nothing is missed (outsourcing when necessary)
  • Inside plant care and watering; periodic fresh flowers
  • Shopping, e.g. groceries, household, school and personal supplies, sports equipment and miscellaneous items needed for convenience of owners.
  • Errands, e.g. laundry, dry cleaning, refill propane tanks, repair bicycle tires, etc. and other matters to save time on such details
  • Attending to routine auto maintenance and repairs, including car wash, oil changes, filling with gas when needed or requested
  • Organization of closets, garage, drawers, storage areas as requested
  • Seeing that necessary supplies are always stocked in both homes, e.g. paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, batteries, etc.
  • Pre-stocking, tidying, thorough cleaning and changing bed linens and towels in the guest quarters when the Parents are to arrive (being responsive to the couple’s mother'sparticular requests here). Developing a check list, so that all is reviewed and in order when guests arrive, e.g. media working, flashlights with batteries, fresh soap, with a goal to making the stay as seamless as if in a hotel. Maybe newspapers and a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Family services:

  • Limited coordination of meals to facilitate time together, providing options (e.g. exploring blue apron, prepared meals, getting food), food plan for occasions per the couple
  • Dog walking and grooming; they don't have a dog presently but it might be in the future

Administrative assistance

  • Develop systems and check lists to maintain for organization, except financial stems which are home office manager'sresponsibility
  • Collect mail, organize and attend to non-personal correspondence, e.g. ending in renewal notices, etc.
  • Coordinating appointments if desired (i.e. develop and maintain a joint calendar for the couple)
  • Scheduling travel
  • Maintain records, e.g. warranties, records of purchase, receipts (for returns), etc.
  • Keep separate accounts for two sections of home so that(the Parents) will pay their share
  • Collect and assemble bills and tax information for forwarding to office manager
  • Provide necessary information to office managerfor all insurance
  • General home secretarial/assistant duties
  • Monitor house rules for regular service providers
  • Office assistance, organization and file management for the Missus
  • Renew auto licenses
  • Co-ordinate deliveries and returns
  • Schedule appointments as requested
  • Serving as single point of contact for service and parents
  • Email and calendar system management
  • Organize and send Xmas cards

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