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Title & description
Personal Assistant
#876 Personal Assistant - office of two to assist in busy/active principals' lives.
Salary $100 - 110K
Relocation Not Applicable
Accommodations This is not a live-in job
Location San Francisco Bay Area
Status Filled
Job Summary

Personal Assistant #2for Couple in San Francisco M-F 9:00 - 5:30

  • Must be professional, excellent verbal memory, perfectionist & extremely detail oriented, highly efficient, discreet, responsible, reliable, courteous, excellent phone manner, , multi tasker extraordinaire, calm, works well under pressure in a fast paced environment
  • Very experienced and tech savvy in PC and Apple/MAC products ( laptops, iphones, ipads), Microsoft Word, Excel, iCal, Filemaker Pro database management, digital camera use, all web search and order placement.
  • Check voice mail and email 1st thing in the a.m. & throughout the day and before you leave
  • Check for any “saved” phone messages
  • Distribute and respond to phone messages accordingly
  • Intricate, multiple calendar management. Daily check of calendars keeping all appointments and coordinating calendars
  • Coordinate all meetings, luncheons, dinner parties with respective guests. Let houseman know how many guests for meetings so table can be set up with water, etc.
  • Interface calendar meal requests with chef and dietary restrictions of any guests
  • RSVP to multitude of invitations
  • Create monthly calendar distributed to employers and staff
  • Apprise all staff of employers travel schedule as it relates to packing, travel food, supplements, etc.
  • Create and manage personal activities for the Missus
  • Create and manage Board Meeting sessions
  • Daily maintenance and distribution of “bring up” file for pending matters (meeting notes, Foundation material, invitations etc.)
  • Answer phone calls on all lines (first pick-up)
  • Process incoming/outgoing mail, take to post office when necessary
  • Maintain all correspondence for Mrs. via letters, memos, faxes, emails, texts as necessary
  • Data base management, ongoing basis. All new entries into database need to be updated in employers devices. This includes phone #’s and emails
  • Errands as needed
  • Maintain Health Files, Insurance, Medicare, etc
  • Review credit card statements and mark all charges related to travel
  • Maintain and updating all employers Apple devices, iphones, ipads, laptops. Troubleshoot when necessary to make sure they are working properly


  • Maintain constant contact with travel agent on all pending trips, check flights, flight times for changes, upgrades to 1st or business class and seat assignments
  • When not using a travel agent, all arrangements made here by assistant and/ or Mrs.
  • Make all airport/hotel car service reservations
  • Maintain Mileage Plus and Global Services accounts thru United
  • Make boarding arrangements for pet when employers travel
  • Coordinate vet appointments and all paperwork when pet travels to Hawaii, requesting Health Certificate and Terminal Inspection
  • Keep individual files for all trips, file accordingly
  • Keep ongoing files of business related expenses to produce expense reports for foundation related trips when requested.
  • Generate itineraries, agendas etc. for all trips (international trips with copies of passport, vaccinations when applicable, visas and all other required documents
  • Renew passports when necessary
  • Maintain all current and past travel files


  • Interface with director of family foundation and other staff as needed
  • Manage calendar for coordinating meetings
  • Maintain, organize and distribute all information
  • Have all necessary information ready for meetings/conference calls
  • Submit Trustee Discretionary Grant information to Foundation for Mr. and Mrs.
  • Maintain Foundation files
  • Submit travel expenses to Foundation admin assistant for reimbursement
  • When board meeting takes place in San Francisco coordinate any dinners, entertainment,

or gatherings at the house.


  • Order books, tapes, household items, clothing items, water, herb tea
  • Order all office supplies, mail and Fed Ex supplies
  • Work with housekeeper on ordering household supplies
  • Order all supplements, updating list to keep current
  • Supplement organization by Houseman, but overseen and coordinated by Assistant
  • Order any household items, space heaters, hair dryers, etc
  • Coordinate, list and ship all items to other residence
Personal Administrative
  • Maintain and manage Christmas card lists, birthday lists, and event guest list
  • Maintain family birthday file, cards/gifts sent to individuals accordingly
  • Maintain employer, Mrs. personal files
  • Coordinate and list all gifts being wrapped by laundress~ holidays, birthdays, etc. ship accordingly
  • Deposit by mail checks, file copy accordingly
  • Maintain continuing education credits for Mrs.
  • Update and monitor professional credentials for employers
  • Update bios / curriculum vitae as needed
  • Weekly, keep employers desk organized, sort files, papers accordingly
  • Maintain wine country list of food and personal items needed. Follow up with chef and houseman to makesure they are in bags for wine country
  • Work with employer on dinner party guest list, send invitations or phone
  • Follow up on guest list, write out place cards, coordinate with staff & hire servers as necessary
  • Track RSVPs for various employer planned events
  • When RSVPing to event that requires ticket purchase, give copy of letter and payment information to Personal Assistant #1 for tax filing purposes
  • Order & renew prescriptions, as needed
  • Renew all subscriptions, car registrations & driving licenses
  • Copies of registrations should go in file. Original in car along with sticker.


  • Be flexible, sometimes an event requires one to work after hours.
  • Wrap gifts when necessary
  • Maintain office equipment, schedule maintenance, change cartridges on copier, fax and printer order supplies when necessary
  • Once a year coordinate fire extinguisher service ( in Spring)
  • Maintain vehicle files, pet files
  • Maintain and update wine countryfile when requested
  • Take pet to the vet or schedule Houseman to take - little happy dog
  • Organize all dog items when staying overnight with hskp

Computer Skills / Technology Required

  • Know and be proficient with current technologies being used by employers
  • PC and Mac Office Suite, including Word, Excel, Database Management Filemaker Pro
  • Mac: ical and iphone management, synching of devices, iphone, ipad, laptops

Personal Assistant Attributes

This job requires the following work habits:

Extraordinary attention to detail, perfectionist


Excellent memory


Meticulous follow through

Able to multi task, but stay focused

Excellent organizational skills

Excellent tech skills working with many devices, software

Professional and friendly phone manner

Excellent verbal and written communication

Works well under pressure in a quickly changing environment

Personality Traits:

Sense of humor

Self motivated

Sees the big picture as well as details

Discreet, confidentiality is a must

Does not take things personally

Good listener and communicator




Works as a team member

Likes dogs

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