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ID #
Title & description
Property Manager
#900 Property manager for home and grounds in northern marin county
Salary Open for the right person
Relocation Not Applicable
Accommodations Not a live-in job
Location Marin County
Status Filled
Job Summary

Job Title: Property Manager with positive attitude and friendly demeanor

(prefer locals to northern California as they are familiar with flora and fauna and vendors)

Location: North Marin County, CA

Schedule: Monday through Friday, but flexible for weekends when needed by family/principal

Overview: This is a new position for the family. Newly purchased extensive property ready for someone to oversee land and house projects, maintenance, research contractors, create budgets, timelines, handle proposals, etc., while also being a great communicator with principals. They want someone that has experience in working autonomously, creating positive relationships with vendors, handling a multitude of projects all while keeping on a smile. You will have the freedom to make your own decisions but always with the principals’ best interest addressed. Good natured, trustworthy problem solver!

  • Second extensive property next door will also need assistance.
  • You will be around the family’s children and thus we need someone that is child-friendly, able to be patient while they might ask questions and even want to help you on the property.
  • Family has a dog, will be getting chickens and might consider goats for property maintenance.
  • Position is labor intensive the first two years or so and transition into “maintenance” and controlled projects after everything is set up/built.

The main residence is on the peninsula, this is a secondary (weekend/vacation) property for the family that you will be overseeing:

  • Marin county:
  • Need to get housekeeper, on-call or as-needed (eventually)
  • Need vendors
  • Need contractors
  • Need tree care contractor!!
  • Peninsula
  • Personal Assistant part-time
  • 2 Nannies
  • Housekeeper
  • Vendors
  • Duties:

    • Handy-person take on tasks that don’t need to be outsourced; simple fence building or repair, checking irrigation, small house repairs, carpentry, lighting, etc.
    • Manage constructions projects for large grounds and homes
    • Projects to address: trees, garden design and upkeep, water management, agricultural, irrigation systems, road maintenance, fruit orchards, natural stream maintenance, propane, pest control (big four-legged ones, two legged ones and the little burrowing ones and the flying/crawling ones!), wells/pumps, power generator/back-up and fire suppression
    • Overseeing construction of a pool
    • Construction of a chicken coop and on-going care of said chickens
    • Help create vegetable garden and maintain
    • Create trails on property
    • Ongoing field management with goats?
    • Reporting monthly cost analysis and annual expenditures
    • Address each project with full analysis of cost, timeline and materials necessary; present for approval by principal
    • Analyze all present costs homes incur from utilities to supplies and determine if there can be changes made through “green” methods or other cost-effective techniques – example; solar and water capture
    • Set up and maintain systems/schedules in each home by creating a maintenance manual and household manual (where applicable) to create efficiency
    • Manage and maintain timelines and scheduling for projects with vendors and subcontractors
    • Create reports to update principals on status of each property and projects
    • Plan and execute budgets
    • Keep track of all expenses for tasks under the direct control of this position and submit to principal; organizing bills/invoices and approving invoice for payment via knowledge of the work the vendor performed and being aware of “padding” (time and costs)
    • Keep up on newly acquired contents/purchases for inventory lists and insurance records
    • Setting up contracts with subs such as housecleaners and mowers for on-going maintenance
    • Pets; feeding and vet care
    • Errands as needed
    • Preparing house for family arrival, stocking with foods and other items
    • Coordinating/completing furniture delivery and assembly

    Skills required:

    • Construction projects; new and renovations for home and grounds
    • Research and vetting efficient/experienced contractors and vendors for projects
    • Knowledge of computers (Mac and PC), household and grounds’ systems and more
    • Worked in high end homes managing extensive lands
    • Background and understanding of HVAC, AV, plumbing, lighting, extensive grounds, irrigation, water features, outdoor facilities, gardens, trees, roads, propane, pest control, generator and power supply and range land
    • Diplomacy – to be able to work with neighboring properties/principals as well as city/county offices to obtain permits and negotiate when needed
    • Gracious
    • Kindness

    Communication and work style:

    • Partner with principal
    • Work autonomously but collaborative with principals
    • Clear and concise – easy to talk to but not too much
    • Text or email
    • Create easy to read reports and task sheets
    • Takes initiative
    • Hands-on
    • Friendly personality with family/extended family and friends


    • Top tier salary – open to the right person
    • Bonus plan
    • Health insurance
    • PTO
    • Holidays 9 national holidays off unless needed for events in which you will be given another day off

    Live-in Accommodations: This is not a live-in position

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