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Title & description
Director of Residences
#916 Family is looking for a Director of Residences to manage their multiple properties
Salary Attractive salary DOE
Relocation No
Accommodations This is a live-out position
Location New York City
Status Open
Job Summary

Director of Residences:

Position Description:

This position reports to the Chief of Operations. The Director of Properties (DOP) oversees the family’s residences and household staff and ensures each residence is running smoothly and efficiently. These responsibilities include day-to-day oversight of: household expenditures, service levels, procedures, protocols, maintenance, capital projects, and special projects. The DOP will travel to other properties as needed and remotely lead staff when the family is at another destination to ensure homes and operations are running smoothly.

Qualifications and Character Sketch:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Ten years of related professional experience
  • Adept in all areas of estate management and hospitality
  • Ability to wear many hats and transition into additional roles as the need arises
  • Attitude: above and beyond attitude; no task too large or too small
  • Superb written and oral communication skills; gift for distilling information into verbal and written formats
  • Exceptionally organized, intelligent, confident, natural multi-tasker, resourceful and service-hearted
  • Outstanding ability to track and organize all incoming information and distill into actionable points
  • Ability to anticipate next steps by thinking creatively, solving problems, and taking a broad perspective to make the principals’ lives easier
  • Capable of juggling competing deadlines with ease while remaining calm and attentive to detail and accuracy
  • Understands the nature of global travel
  • Takes ownership of work; thinks strategically and is resourceful
  • Proficient in working with the Microsoft Office suite including Excel; technologically savvy
  • Works well under pressure, not easily frazzled
  • Polished, poised, and professional

General Responsibilities:

  • Assume final responsibility for the homes, maintaining orderly operation of staff and systems
  • Provide real time implementation of principal’s requests and support concierge staff when needed
  • Collaborate with principals’ assistants and the family office team to coordinate projects, events, and elevate workflow
  • Attend weekly meetings with Chief of Operations to review pending projects and staff
  • Update the COO and principals on important matters as they arise
  • Execute projects assigned by COO or principals

Residence Management and Maintenance Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the operation and maintenance of all home systems including but not limited to: HVAC, plumbing, appliances, lighting, electrical systems, entertainment, home automation, generators, computers and networks, security/alarm systems/cameras, etc.
  • Develop and maintain a schedule of maintenance to be performed on all systems
  • Proactively walk the interior and property/grounds on a daily basis and inspect and record any maintenance issues to be addressed and review capital projects
  • Oversee the completion of interior decorating projects
  • Understand the security needs for each property and work with COO and security consultant to ensure security systems and protocols are in place
  • Develop and maintain household logs and manuals as needed for each property and schedule annual review of the manual and logs
  • Create procedures and checklists for each property and update as needed
  • Create emergency contact list for staff and vendors and ensure lists are updated every six months
  • Update art inventory whenever a piece of art is relocated, acquired, donated or sold. Collaborate with art consultant and COO on restoration, cleaning, loans, movement, and reframing
  • Update COO as needed on new asset acquisitions
  • Run household errands as needed

Financial Management and Reporting:

  • Supervise the daily expenditures for each residence including staff meals
  • Review and remit approved weekly time sheets for household staff
  • Obtain necessary approval for large purchases or expenses
  • Reconcile credit card every month and return detail and receipts in timely manner

Staff Management/Development Responsibilities:

  • Supervise staff and serve as point of contact between the residence staff and COO
  • Lead by example and ensure staff is punctual and attending to their duties as established
  • Train the staff to implement the highest of standards at all residences. Work with staff members to set priorities for their specific position
  • Advise the staff of general household information including any new procedures. Discuss their concerns with them and liaise with COO as needed regarding personnel issues
  • Monitor staff levels and report staffing needs to COO. Participate in the hiring process
  • Develop and update training programs for new and existing employees
  • Keep records relative to staff performance throughout the year and give to COO
  • Responsible for completing household staff schedules for domestic team and ensure appropriate coverage
  • Coordinate and lead daily/weekly staff meetings; meet with stewards on a weekly basis to review projects, events, travel, and principal’s calendar for two weeks out to ensure all staffing needs are satisfied
  • Conduct orientation for staff new to a property on the following topics: safety, emergency contacts, calling procedures, location of fire extinguishers, tour of home and dwellings, alarms, walkie-talkies, home systems, and coordinate any training specific to the property

Family and Service Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that each residence has a consistent feel and that all the staff understand the principal’s preferences
  • Make sure all staff are up to date on upcoming household activities including events, guests, and timing of particular activities so house operations will run as smoothly as possible
  • Represent principals in gracious manner
  • Ensure that homes are properly prepared and ready for the principal’s arrival; home should be meticulous and in working order prior to principal’s arrival
  • Ensure smooth transitions between residences for both family and staff
  • Oversee upcoming events with team to ensure event is organized per family’s standards.
  • Run personal errands for principals and guests
  • Support interior team when needed with concierge service to family and guests

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