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ID #
Title & description
#952 Full-time chef for family in Cleveland area and their other homes across the U.S.
Salary $100- 120K DOE
Relocation Yes
Accommodations Not a live-in job
Location Cleveland area
Status On-hold
Job Summary


Warm and gracious family with a lifestyle that is growing and evolving is seeking a professional and experienced chef. You would be working in the main residence in Cleveland but also be available to travel to their other properties in New York, Florida and California.


Typical Wednesday through Sunday schedule; weekdays dinner potential service or cook/pack and leave w/ instructions but lunches for staff and the Missus are also requested. Weekends will be breakfast TBD, lunch and dinner. Events, parties, celebrations, holidays, family members joining, business colleagues, etc., will potentially shift this schedule during the week or weekends. Position Overview: The position has full responsibilities of the kitchen and pantry. Stocking, shopping, prepping, and cooking for all meals. There is a butler on staff so setting and serving will not be part of this position. Cross training though for back-up help is desirable. There is a part-time chef they might keep on staff to supplement days off.


  • Chief of Staff
  • 2 Household Manager / Butler (hiring a second one)
  • 3 housekeepers
  • 2 Property Managers and grounds crew (hiring a second PM)
  • Chef part-time – will probably keep the part-time chef on board to support family on main chef’s days off
  • Executive Assistant in corporate office for Mister and Personal Assistant in Family Office for Missus

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Cuisines are Asian, Indian, Mediterranean, all fresh, in season and in-line with dietary needs
  • Some dietary needs for various people or staff members: vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, gluten free
  • Understand all nutritional needs
  • Hygiene!!! Keep the kitchen clean, your chef jacket/pants and shoes clean and remember to toss that tasting spoon and get a new one out – wash hands!
  • Menu planning; but expect many last minute changes due to the desires of the family or what they want that evening vs what they planned on a week prior (in other words, please be flexible since what they might sign off on Monday’s menu for the week, they might not want to eat when Friday comes.)
  • Cook dinners nightly for principals (husband and wife) sometimes other family members will join locally and out of town adult children will be visiting on a regular basis bringing the total to 6 or 7 people
  • Cooking staff meals for lunch and for staff on the floor during dinner hours
  • Cooking and labeling food for days off
  • Weekends will potentially require lunches and dinners - maybe breakfast
  • Creating menus for larger events, prepping and cooking, working with outside caterers if the event is larger than one chef can handle
  • Flexibility is key; planning in advance is fine but they want someone that can hear their desires and change the menu to cook for their tastes that day/evening, etc. add guests and change the direction of the meal easily
  • Stocking kitchen, rotation of stock, managing pantry and refrigerator/freezer
  • Researching and keeping up to date on all new food trends
  • Keeping up to date on new purveyors in all locations to provide the freshest and finest of ingredients
  • Understanding wine and food pairing to work with the butler and Chief of Staff on what to serve
  • Keep a chef manual of menus and items family and guests have liked, families’ likes and dislikes and other food related information
  • Work with butler to keep note of inventory levels on china/crystal and silver as well as wine stock levels

Applicant Qualities:

  • Experience working in a fine home
  • Diverse culinary skills from multi-cultural restaurants as well as travel experience, fine/high end food to casual but always with the finest of ingredients and exceptional presentations
  • Experience and knowledge for informal and formal food and beverage service and event management – for when the butler is not in attendance
  • Must be flexible with work schedules and accommodating to being available as required by principals’ needs and travel
  • A polished professional who is flexible, self-motivated and energetic, who can work as a team player with existing staff in residence
  • Excellent time management, punctuality, multi-tasking and attention to detail with follow through from start to finish along with strong organizational skills
  • Must have a sense and respect of boundaries, exercise discretion, privacy and maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Chef degree or extensive culinary experience is preferable
  • Must have a valid driver's license, own vehicle and clean driving record
  • Must have a valid passport with no restrictions for travel
  • Must be eligible to work in The United States.


  • Salary will be dependent on previous experience and employment.
  • Benefits: medical/dental/vision/401K

Other benefits:

  • Lunch or dinner provided daily for all staff members depending on their shift
  • Vacation, personal days and holidays; current holidays for staff are only Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day – TBC due to family’s needs and expectations. Alternative days will be given off.
  • Bonus eligible
  • Compensation for indoor house shoes 2x/year


  • In the event the employee travels with the Employer, they will be paid their regular salary; additional hours worked beyond the normal work schedule will be factored into the yearly bonus.
  • All travel expenses will be paid by the Employer.
  • Personal expenses incurred by the Employee will be paid by the Employee.
  • Private accommodations will be provided for the Employee.
  • A private vehicle for the Employee’s use will be provided

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